Political Marketing Strategies for the 21st Century

Local Political Marketing

Political Marketing is changing! Old school political campaigning is no longer effective. Let us show you how today's technologies can help you reach more constituents then ever!

The days of a political campaign buying billboards, handing out buttons and kissing babies and expecting to win is over. Local political marketing is officially in a digital age. Your political campaign should be also.

Let’s face it – “Old School” political marketing is expensive. But you may still be buying billboards and putting up street signs just because everyone else is doing it, right? WRONG!


This is the 21st Century – and the smarter digital candidates will dominate their local elections. Don’t be left behind.


Your campaign needs to be both efficient and effective with the campaign money. Now is there still a place for some of the old school methods of campaining? Sure there is!  But to be truly efficient and effective you have to adapt to the new way of political marketing. 


That’s where we come in. We provide local political candidates the Marketing tools and services needed to connect with current supporters and reach potential voters in ways that the other candidates can only dream of.

 Dynamic Website w/Constituent Retargeting

Facebook Fan Page and Group

Customized Videos and Video Distribution

Programmatic Constituent Targeting

Political Drops (think Robo Calling on Steroids)

Targeted Political Email Campaigns

Political Marketing for the 21st Century!

Political campaigns have a small window of time to reach the largest possible audience of eligible voters. Your campaign needs to employ 21st Century tools to reach 21st Century voters. We have the tools; let’s get started on your campaign today.

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